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Seismic Qualification Exchange (SQX),

At Makeitright, We are challenged daily by the paramount question: Are we providing the best possible service to our clientele by collaborating in progressive ways with our project teams? What has changed today that requires adaptation by us to improve our value? While working under the guidelines of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development’s Code Application Notices regarding the Seismic Qualification of Equipment, I have come to recognize two growing needs within the industry that stand out as needing immediate attention.
The first, is a need for a repository of detailed information about manufacturers and their products. I believe that the occupational community in which you and I take part would greatly benefit from such a service, and Makeitright has developed the Seismic Qualification Exchange (SQX) Streamline. SQX Streamline is a service that I, and my team at Makeitright, Inc., would like to provide to the industry completely free of charge because we feel it will be a catalyst to long-term growth within our community of owners, engineers, architects, inspectors, contractors and manufacturers. We hope you will visit soon to contribute to and pull from valuable information we can all share with one another.
The second issue we face, is a need for education within the industry; relating to how Seismic Qualification of equipment affects California Hospitals. It is my firm belief that knowledge about the requirements of Seismic Certification of equipment is crucial and necessary in saving Owners, Inspectors, Contractors and Manufacturers from large losses of project time and money.
For this reason, Makeitright has concluded that, today, providing excellent service to our current clientele means hosting a complimentary seminar to educate them regarding Seismic Certification of equipment.

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