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Makeitright' team has a proven track record of providing exceptional structural engineering services for hospitals throughout California.

Joseph L. La Brie, S.E.

Joseph La Brie is the founder and President of MakeItRight, Inc. He is a registered Civil and Structural Engineer in California . For over three decades, he has been a member of the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California; where he currently serves as President.

The primary focus of Mr. La Brie’s efforts over the years has been in the development of health care facilities. In fact, on January 2005, the director of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) appointed him a Member of the Hospital Building Safety Board (HBSB). He served as Vice Chairman of the Board in 2007 and 2008. In November of 2008 he was elected to be the HBSB Chairman through 2012.

Capital Improvements, New Buildings, Seismic Retrofit Projects, and his attention to issues related to the Seismic considerations for non-structural components make up Mr. La Brie’s robust work experience. He has been vigilant to follow and stay current with the technical developments of California’s Hospital Building Seismic Upgrade Program (Senate Bill 1953) and is actively coordinating the implementation of this work at several facilities.

Joe La Brie is presently managing the design of hospital projects throughout the State of California. Under his leadership, the staff at MakeItRight, Inc. has designed new and retrofitted buildings in the Integrated Project Delivery (LEAN), design build, multiple-prime, and conventional design delivery environment. With Structural Engineering as the backbone of the firm's technical expertise and hospital design as the focus of its mission, Makeitright, Inc. offers new design value tailor made for the development of hospital facilities and the important utility systems and non-structural components within them. Regardless of the nature of the project and its method of delivery, his highest priorities are simplifying and streamlining the design and construction process by properly balancing innovation and creativity with safety, constructability and cost efficiency.

Ricardo Sangiovanni, P.E., S.E.

Ricardo Sangiovanni is a partner at Makeitright, Inc. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with a major in Structural Engineering from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He has worked for Thompson and La Brie Structural Engineers, Wallframe, Inc. and J.J.D. & Associates before joining the team at Makeitright when it was founded in 2003.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, and having over 20 years of experience with project management, engineering, accounting, financial and business administration, and computer design software and development, Mr. Sangiovanni exceeds standards. He possesses both excellent organizational skills, as well as the ability to work in fast-paced environments.

His current focus is on structural design and calculations, 3D-modeling development, static and dynamic analyses, and non-linear studies; he is also overseeing multiple projects while ensuring reliability and accuracy. In addition, he has developed a solid communication channel with OSHPD.

Evident in his work, is Mr. Sangiovanni’s dedication to the vision for excellence in the hospital design community; on which Makeitright, Inc. was founded.


KC Morrow

KC Morrow is a partner at Makeitright, Inc., and has a long history of working in the Healthcare Facility Development Industry. Mr. Morrow worked as a leading project draftsman for Thompson and La Brie from 1979-2002. When Makeitright, Inc. was founded in January of 2003, he joined the leadership of the company as a Project Coordinator. In this position, Mr. Morrow is responsible for the coordination of consultants and all project related resources. He has also proven himself to be steadfast in coordinating and developing staff, organizing projects and working closely and directly with OSHPD and the client to ensure open communication, efficient project management and a quality result.

Throughout the years, Mr. Morrow has proven to be an invaluable part of the company. The dedication and integrity with which he works is reflective of the very vision and mission of Makeitright, Inc.

Aida Aroditis, P.E.

Aida Aroditis is a dynamic part of the Makeitright team. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Westminster, in London, UK. Ms. Aroditis has 25 years of experience as a civil engineer, encompassing more than 15 years in California and 10 years in Europe.

As both a California registered civil engineer and a member of the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California, Aida adds great value to Makeitright through her sound engineering principles, clear presentation of design, strong communication skills and familiarity with the CBC, DSA and OSHPD that only years of experience could provide.

Her extensive experience, as well as the integrity and innovation with which she works, makes Ms. Aroditis irreplaceable as a leader on Makeitright’s team.

Traci Bartak

Traci Bartak holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Writing from Baylor University. Following her college graduation in June 2006, Ms. Bartak began working at Makeitright. Since she has been at Makeitright, she works to help coordinate projects and support team members, working directly with consultants and clients. She is also instrumental in the submittal of projects and various project elements to OSHPD.

Ms. Bartak works to run the program that Joseph La Brie developed called the Makeitright Dashboard for several ongoing projects. The Dashboard program ( and its upkeep is a complimentary service that Makeitright provides for its clients. Her work on this site helps to keep projects updated and visible to clients and consultants in a secure way. Since joining the Makeitright team in 2006, Ms. Bartak has proven herself to be a loyal and results oriented member.

Elizabeth Diaz

Elizabeth Diaz has been the Office Manager at Makeitright since it was founded in 2003. Her assistance was invaluable in the corporate setup of the company.

With over fifteen years experience in Administration and her certificate as a Financial Analyst, Ms. Diaz is fully equipped to handle the daily operations of the company including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing and Payroll. In addition, she is fluent in both English and Spanish, and deals with Makeitright staff, clients and consultants to provide outstanding service and direction. Ms. Diaz is a loyal and hardworking member of the Makeitright team.



Albert Lopez, P.E. 

Albert Lopez holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering Degree from the California’s Polytechnic University of Pomona. Along with his excellent communication and project coordination skills, Mr. Lopez also brings with him to Makeitright 9 years of engineering, building design and M.E.P seismic design experience.

Mr. Lopez is a California registered Civil Engineer and a member of the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California. He currently serves as chairman for the SEAOSC YM committee and has been involved in SEAOSC since 2004. His familiarity with the CBC, DSA, and OSHPD make him a knowledgeable addition to the Makeitright team, and his desire to better the industry through his volunteer work and personal commitment to excellence in his engineering profession make Mr. Lopez a earnest representative of Makeitright.

 Andrew Santiago, P.E.

Andrew Santiago holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in Structural Engineering  from Dela Salle University in Manila, Philippines.  He is fluent in both English and Filipino.  Mr. Santiago has spent time working in various positions within the design and construction field.  He has experience in property consultantation, project engineering, construction estimaton and project coordination.  In addition to his excellent work as an engineer and his experience in project coordination, Mr. Santiago's proficiency in AutoCAD, STAAD PRO and various other technical programs give him the ability to contribute to several phases of a project's development.  His strong work ethic and attention to detail ensure the high quality of his work. 

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